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US Review of Books Praises Vicky Ann Meier's "Alexander Finds a Home"


We at Holzer Books LLC are thrilled to announce that Vicky Ann Meier’s debut children’s book, "Alexander Finds a Home," has received a glowing review from the US Review of Books. This heartwarming tale, inspired by Meier’s granddaughter Ellie, has been praised for its endearing story and important messages about kindness, acceptance, and the celebration of uniqueness. Furthermore, they have given it a "RECOMMENDED" rating.

A Story of Kindness and Acceptance

The US Review of Books describes "Alexander Finds a Home" as an "endearing tale" that highlights the journey of a gray kitten named Alexander. With his distinctive white eye patch and big ears, Alexander stands out from other kittens. The story follows Alexander and his siblings as they are taken to a shelter after their owners relocate, leaving behind their mother. While his siblings are soon adopted, Alexander faces rejection because of his unique appearance, leading him to feel lonely and disheartened.

However, Alexander’s story takes a positive turn when a young girl named Ellie sees him for who he truly is and declares, "He is perfect!" Ellie's acceptance and celebration of Alexander’s differences provide a heartwarming conclusion that leaves readers with a powerful message about embracing uniqueness.

Promoting Positive Values

Meier’s book is praised for promoting friendship, responsibility, and everyday kindness. The review highlights how the story demonstrates the significant impact of small acts of kindness and the importance of accepting and appreciating differences in others. Meier’s writing effectively teaches young readers about the hurtful effects of teasing and criticism, even when intended playfully, and the joy that comes from showing love and acceptance.

A Heartwarming Triumph

The US Review of Books commends Meier’s storytelling as a "heartwarming and well-written triumph," making "Alexander Finds a Home" a must-read for children and parents alike. The book’s message resonates with readers of all ages, encouraging everyone to look beyond appearances and appreciate the unique qualities that make each of us special.

We invite you to join us in celebrating this wonderful achievement by Vicky Ann Meier. "Alexander Finds a Home" is available for purchase now, and we believe it will touch the hearts of many, just as it has touched ours.

Full Review from the US Review of Books

Meier’s debut work is an endearing tale inspired by her granddaughter Ellie. It is the story of a gray kitten named Alexander, whose white eye patch and big ears set him apart from other kittens. Alexander and his mother, brother, and sister live on a farm owned by Mr. and Mrs. Fremont, a kind older couple. But when the Fremonts relocate, they only take the kittens’ mother with them. Alexander and his siblings are taken to a shelter to be cared for until they find new homes.

On occasion, Alexander’s siblings playfully tease him about his unique appearance. There are many caregivers at the shelter, but Alexander’s favorite is Jim, who shows the cats extra kindness and attention. The shelter is also home to numerous cats of different breeds and colors. Day after day, people come to the shelter looking to adopt, but they never want a gray cat, and they frequently laugh at Alexander’s distinguishing characteristics. When his siblings find a new home, Alexander is left feeling lonely and sad. He despairs of ever finding someone who likes his big ears until a girl named Ellie chooses him.

Meier strives to promote friendship, responsibility, and spreading everyday kindness in her writing. Her first published children’s book successfully demonstrates how acts of kindness, such as taking the time to talk to someone and showing affection, have a significant impact. The book also illustrates the hurtful effects of carelessly delivered criticism and teasing, even if intended to be playful. Along comes Ellie, who appreciates Alexander’s “cool” eye patch and big ears and declares, “He is perfect!” Ellie’s reaction teaches children to embrace others’ differences. Her easy acceptance of Alexander’s unconventional appearance gives readers hope that there is someone who will celebrate their uniqueness also. Meier’s book is a heartwarming and well-written triumph.

The full review can also be found on their website at US Review of Books.

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