September 18, 2023 By Eric Lee

Statement of Support for IBPA's Industry Standard Checklist


Holzer Books LLC, a rising name in the independent publishing industry, proudly reaffirms its endorsement of the Independent Book Publishers Association's (IBPA) Industry Standard Checklist. This checklist, a comprehensive guide to professional book presentation, serves as a vital tool for independent publishers worldwide.

Founded in 1983, IBPA has been at the forefront of championing independent publishers' rights and interests. With over 4,100 members, it stands as the largest publishing association in the United States, providing invaluable resources and advocacy for the community.

The Industry Standard Checklist is an instrumental asset for independent publishers. It sets forth clear benchmarks for book production and presentation, ensuring that each work meets the highest standards of quality. By embracing these industry-wide guidelines, Holzer Books LLC underscores its commitment to delivering books of exceptional caliber to its readership.

"At Holzer Books LLC, we take great pride in upholding the professional standards outlined in IBPA's Industry Standard Checklist," stated Eric Lee, Publishing & Marketing Manager at Holzer Books LLC. "We believe that every book deserves to be presented with excellence, and this checklist aligns perfectly with our dedication to providing top-quality literature."

Holzer Books LLC remains devoted to supporting independent publishers and fostering an environment of excellence in the industry. By endorsing IBPA's Industry Standard Checklist, the company solidifies its pledge to maintaining the highest professional standards in all aspects of its publishing endeavors.

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Eric Lee

Eric Lee is a Publishing & Marketing Manager at Holzer Books LLC, bringing over five years of dedicated experience in the publishing industry. His expertise lies in crafting tailored marketing campaigns that resonate with readers and drive book sales.

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