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Bringing the Bible to Life Through Animal Stories with Bruce McClain | Author Q&A


Children's author Bruce McClain recently published his debut book "Divine Perspectives", an imaginative collection of biblical animal stories, published by Holzer Books LLC. A man of faith, Bruce hopes his creative retellings will illustrate how God uses unlikely animals to fulfill His divine plans.

Divine Perspectives transports kids into the minds and experiences of real animals from the Bible, imagining what their lives might have been like behind the scenes. Readers will discover Asher the wild sheep who inadvertently spares Isaac’s life, Bakari the young lion who shows restraint to spare Daniel, Chavvah the barren donkey who carries Jesus during his triumphal entry, and Eran the mute rooster who bears witness to Jesus' betrayal and receives the miraculous gift of a voice to loudly crow.

In our exclusive interview, Bruce provided some insights into his journey to publishing this book, why biblical animals make for great teaching tools, which character he relates to most, advice for aspiring children’s book authors, and what’s next:

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to become a writer.

I am a born-again Christian. I first received Christ when I was in my early teens while attending a Christian youth camp. I am a father and grandfather. I enjoy sports, fishing, cooking, and playing with my two dogs. I have always enjoyed writing; but the inspiration to write this book, I would say hands down that the inspiration came from God.

2. What is your book about and what do you think is the most important message or theme that readers should take away?

Divine Perspectives is compilation of four biblical stories designed to take readers behind the scene of four popular biblical stories and introduce them to some animals that were used by God to help these events unfold. My prayer for this book is that readers will understand that it does not matter who you are, or what flaws or handicaps you may have; God can and will use the most unlikely of us to accomplish his will.

3. What first inspired you to write these biblical animal stories for kids?

When I first decided to write a book, I knew that I wanted to write a children’s book with a faith-based theme. I wanted to write bible stories, but I wanted them to be different. God put it into my spirit to write the fictional back stories of these animals.

4. What was your family and friends’ reaction when you first told them you were writing a biblical animal story book?

When I had finished writing my first two stories, the first person I shared them with was my mother. My mother was a very good writer; but never had any of her work published. My mother gave me lots of encouragement and direction.

5. What makes biblical animal stories such a great way to teach moral lessons to kids?

I feel that kids connect better with animals and cartoon characters because they stimulate their imaginations and helps them understand and absorb the message.

6. Walk us through your process of imagining what these animals’ lives might have been like behind the scenes in the bible. How did you get in the mindset?

I feel like these particular animals lived their live not knowing that their obedience to God would have such an impact on human history; just as our lives can affect so many in a positive way if we just take the time to listen to the voice of God and walk in the calling that He has given to each and every one of us. My mindset was to write these stories from a perspective that I have never seen done before. Telling biblical stories, using the fictional back stories of these amazing animals.

7. Your author bio mentions it took over twenty years to finish this book as life happened.  What motivated you to keep returning to it?

Yes, these stories took me over twenty years to complete; not because they are so complicated, but because I wanted every inspiration to have come from God, and not from my own perspective because of my inpatients to hurry and finish the book.

8. Do you have a favorite character you created or relate to the most? Why did that resonate with you?

Eran the rooster is the character that I identify the most with; because as a child I was very shy and did not talk very much. I have always been one to observe and if necessary, add my comments. I feel just like Eran the rooster, that God is giving me a voice through these stories.

9. What have been the biggest rewards and challenges of publishing your first children’s book?

So far, the biggest reward in publishing this book has been seeing my dream come to life.  As far as challenges; I have not really faced any as of yet.

10. What advice do you have for aspiring children’s book authors trying to get published?

My advice is to never give up on your dreams of being published. Do your homework and find the right publishing company that best fits you and what you are attempting to accomplish.

11. Are more biblical animal stories coming?  What other creative projects do you have brewing?

My intent is to release two more books in the upcoming future.

In sharing his own writing journey, Bruce illustrates the importance of persistence and seeking inspiration from a higher power. He hopes his stories will spark children’s wonder at the diverse characters found in Scripture. With more biblical tales likely to come, Bruce’s passion shines through in bringing the Bible’s messages to a new generation through the eyes of its lesser-known furry and feathered heroes.

Divine Perspectives is now available in paperback, hardcover, and e-book formats via major retailers. To request a review copy or organize an interview, please contact Holzer Books LLC at +1 (888) 901-7776 or media@holzerbooksllc.com.

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