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Discover Nature's Wonders in Poet Gary Frederic's New Book | Author Q&A


Poet Gary Frederic invites readers to appreciate the overlooked beauty of nature in his first published poetry collection, "What Nature Really Tells Me." Recently released on December 26th by Holzer Books LLC, this imaginative book compiles Frederic's nature-inspired poems written over twenty-five years that highlight the hidden artistry he sees in creation.

To give us more insider insight into this celebratory collection and the poet behind it, we had the pleasure of interviewing Gary about the inspirations behind his writing and perspectives gained from his faith and globe-spanning travels that infuse his verses with joy.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to become a writer.

I love to try different ethnic foods and love to read. I've been writing ever since I've been in my mid to late teens. I was always a deep thinker and I love to study Creation.

2. What is your book about and what do you think is the most important message or theme that readers should take away?

It's about how we can learn from the things we see and experience around us; they teach us many lessons about life, and especially about our Creator. The things we have in front of us can take us on a journey that frees us from everyday anxieties.

3. What was the inspiration behind your book? Was there a specific personal experience or moment that sparked the idea?

We have so many gifts from the natural world that can fill us with joy -- and they're free! During my travels -- thinking about the things I've seen and experienced, and speaking about them fills me with joy. This is what inspired me to come up with this theme.

4. Your author bio mentions you were born to immigrant parents in Brooklyn and grew up poor. How did your upbringing shape you and inspire some of the themes in your poetry?

My parents would give to others despite their circumstances. I saw all this growing up. It always impressed me. At the time, all I could do was write and chronicle what I saw. I thought this was all I could give -- writing. So, I started writing to encourage others.

5. What Nature Really Tells Me heavily incorporates nature imagery and metaphors. What about the natural world inspires you?

Everything I see in the natural world is like a door being unlocked by a key; they all seem to not only work so well together, but they unlock and open hidden treasures to introduce each other so well. Everything in creation needs each other to survive. And no matter who we are - background, culture, nationality and race - we have this experience given to us all for free! We just have to tap into it.

6. Many of your poems use nature to convey deeper spiritual meanings. Can you discuss your faith and its influence on your writing?

We have two books given that teach us about our Creator -- The Bible and the book of Creation (the things we see all around us). When I study the Bible, and really meditate on the things seen in the natural world, there's so much evidence that someone thought about these things before designing or creating them. Someone deliberately made these things to function so well together. It's like these things were made to keep recycling themselves; and they were made to teach us through our senses. They are silent tutors that teach and help us to make things that are useful for ourselves. While people get credited for their inventions, in reality, we just copy them.

7. Having traveled extensively, how have your journeys impacted your perspective and inspired the imagery in your poems?

Some of the seasons that we experience here in the U.S. are also experienced and shared with others around the world. For example, in Australia we experienced all four seasons in one day. Another example, is eating the wonderful spicy foods with curry in Sri Lanka, having some of their fruits and tea that grow indigenous to that region only. These all teaches me that we can learn and enjoy different things from each other, although having different cultures. And throughout the world we share the same air; also, we share the same waters, although they separate us. Though many of my writings that express my experiences from traveling and encounters with different ethnic foods and species of animals have not yet been published, I have learned that while we see and experience the same things, we can see and learn different things based on the level of appreciation we have.

8. How long have you been working on this book? Take us through your writing and revision process.

Much of what has been compiled in this book are writings that has already been shared with others, in particular, during the time or place of inspiration. It was several months in the making, but a compilation of poems from more than 25 years. Some have been revised because our words and meanings of them in the English language have changed over the years.

9. What was the most rewarding part of the writing process for you? What was the most challenging?

The most rewarding part was knowing that this can reach and be read, not just by my friends and family, but also the world! For example, during the Pandemic the poem Covid-19 Stars was written to encourage the frontline workers. More than 500 cards with this poem written in them were sent to hospitals, doctors, nurses and EMTs all over the earth. Their hard work and sacrifices inspired me to write this. The most challenging was getting over my fears. For many years, people have said that these should be put out there for others to read; but I never wanted to do that.

10. What has been the biggest lesson you've learned so far as an author? What advice would you give to aspiring authors or poets who are just starting out?

Two things. The first is, that there are a lot of people out there who want to do this as well, but they're afraid to do so. Second, people usually scrutinize your work and think they know what you're saying, or what should be said. The advice I would give, is be yourself; because each person has their own gift, and sharing your gift will be inspiration to someone else.

11. Now that your first poetry collection is published, what's next? Do you have plans for your next creative project?

I'm still writing, and always have plans to continue; and definitely thinking about a new project.

12. How can readers best support you and your work? Where can they connect with you online?

Please keep reading, meditating and focusing on the One who made these wonderful things around us that we see every day! I'm working on a way to connect online. Stay tuned.

At its heart, Gary's collection pays homage to the gifts nature freely gives all people. Just as his immigrant parents generously gave despite poverty, Gary calls us to gratitude.

By taking time to indulge our senses in creation's magnificence, we release everyday anxieties. We need only open ourselves to wonder at the beauty always surrounding us. Through poetic odes, Frederic reminds us of this transcendent invitation nature makes to every beating heart.

What Nature Really Tells Me is now available in paperback and e-book formats via major retailers. To request a review copy or organize an interview, please contact Holzer Books LLC at +1 (888) 901-7776 or media@holzerbooksllc.com.

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